Vision and Mission

The Company’s Vision is to be the leader in empowering Tanzanians, and in particular TCCIA members, through widening and deepening resource mobilization for their effective participation in viable investment opportunities.

The company’s Mission is to act as a vehicle for collective ownership of business enterprises by its shareholders. This involves provision of quality services to its shareholders, individuals, corporate entities and non-corporate organizations and adoption of good corporate governance practices.

Core Values

TICL is governed by a set of values and norms that enhance quality in its business operations. Five key core values are:

  • Commitment to Team work
  • Strives for highest level of professionalism and integrity in service delivery
  • Commitment to timely delivery and on target
  • Operates with high productivity and efficiency
  • Keeps accountability on top of its agenda

Rules, Regulations & Governance

In pursuit of the above, TICL

  • Is committed to compliance to legislative, regulatory and industry ethics
  • Is committed to Respect, Integrity, Honesty, Fairness and Equity
  • Is committed to transparency and accountability to all the stakeholders

Social Responsibility

In pursuit of the above, TICL

  • Is committed to the economic empowerment of the working poor with the view to address poverty related courses in our society
  • Promotes gender equality
  • Believes in optimal and sustainable use of Local Resources